THE BEAR is a non-profit event, that creates understanding and tolerance in the Berlin community and beyond. We do this by providing an open stage for Berliners to share extraordinary moments in their ordinary lives. Every month, we come together as strangers, and leave, somehow, connected by our shared human experiences.

And this is our mission.


Upcoming Event


At The Bear we meet monthly for an entertaining evening with heart: STORYTELLING.

We’re bringing together people from different backgrounds, different ages, different places to celebrate the art of raconteur in a world that is drowning in information and starving for wisdom.

The stage is open for true stories told live (without notes) in both English and German languages. Live music and lively audience interaction give the evening a cozy and entertaining note. It's a creative detour from the whizz and beep of our digital, urban lives. The Bear shines a light on our shared humanity by amplifying the voices of our diverse life experiences.